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Slideshow Software
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Create Slideshows
Store slideshows,
edit them and
upload online
Store slideshows
  Use locally stored images to create slideshows
  Add sound,text and callouts to create slideshow
Display your slideshow within attractive themes, add sound, text, callouts and clipart to embellish your slideshow
Edit Slideshows
at will
Edit slideshows when needed, export as HTML or SWF files
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Slideshow Maker

Design beautiful slideshow with the help of your images and upload them. Flaunt the slideshow with add clipart, beautiful themes, text & more!


SlideShow Designer for Making Effortless Slideshows - $19.95

1-2-3 Steps to create flash slideshows
  Users do not need to have the knowledge of flash to work on Slideshow Software. With the help of drag & drop features users can add different features to the images and create a dazzling banner.
Professionals Callouts
  The software includes callouts predesigned by professionals that enable the users to add amazing features to the slideshows. The rectangular callout option allows the users to add it to the slideshow.
Attractive clip art
  More than 100 Clip Arts are included in the Slideshow Designer that allows you to create an attractive slideshow. The database is divided into 5 categories, i.e. Daily, Animal, Misc, People and Nature.
Creative templates

The software is comprised of a set of creative templates to make your slideshow look more professional.

Best System Resource utilization

  The hard disk space & CPU and the memory of your computer is utilized by the Slideshow Designer in an optimum manner. Most of the slideshow software occupy ample computer memory that disrupts the functioning of other system programs.

Self-dependent program

  No other applications are required to support the functions & features of this Slideshow Designer. This feature makes it easy to use for anyone.
Restoring Settings  
  The original settings of pictures can be restored, and you have a choice to undo the features earlier added to your slideshow.
Insert images to slides
  User can see all the folders of the system while adding an image to the slideshow. You can pick any picture from the folder of your choice.
Choose 40 pictures at the same time
  User can select 40 pictures at a time and add it to the slideshow. A picture can be deleted also.
Editing pictures and slides
  The slides and images in the slideshow can easily be edited for sound, text, clip art & other features. You can modify your pictures for contrast, brightness and rotation as per your need.
Zoom In / Zoom out Options
  The feature enables the users to zoom in / zoom out the images to have a better view.
Color Special effects
  You can also add color to the slides with the help of slideshow maker. You can add the color in two formats; the color Offset format & the color Multiplier. You can also have variations in Blue, Red, Green & Alpha & to select the shade as per your preference.

20 Themes

  You can easily select from a range of 20 themes to add it to your slideshow. You can also choose to keep one or some slides blank.
Audio Feature
  You can also add audio to your slide. You can select a or upload a music track from available sound options.
Insert text and captions
  Users can insert text to a slide or change the font of the text by selecting from a variety of text fonts & sizes available in the program.
  The Help file contains instructions of the program is made available for user's reference.
Free software updates
  Get timely software updates on the product.
User Support
  For further inquiry, get 24 Hr e-mail User Support & US daytime telephone User Support.
Minimum System Requirements
  Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
Flash Player 8.0 or higher
RAM: 256 MB
CPU: 300 MHz
1064x768 Resolution Monitor
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  Slideshow Designer is truly enhancing!
  I needed to showcase pictures of manufacturing faculty to a potential client. I took the lot and inserted them into one of the cool themes in Slideshow Designer and they looked so professional-the client was bowled over!
Troy Whitman
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